Getaway to a Healthy National Park in Thailand

Visit a Healthy National Park in Thailand

National parks in Thailand are in some of the healthiest shapes they’ve ever been in recently, and it’s all due to the absence of visitors during the pandemic. The ability for nature to thrive during the absence of human visitors recently became known all over the world. 

When the government of Thailand closed Maya Bay to all human visitors, the tourism industry heaved a collective sigh of dismay. Maya Bay was, after all, one of the biggest attractions in the Phuket region due to the popularity of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach. 

However, when the fish and marine animals quickly rebounded in the bay, everyone saw the wisdom in giving some much-needed rest to a beautiful facet of nature. 

National Parks Are Vulnerable

The same is true of the national parks on dry land in Thailand. These oases of wildlife and verdant forests thrive when people give them a rest for a few months. Rare animals become bolder and venture closer to the trails winding through the parks. Birds and other species are much more noticeable and are actively breeding and multiplying. 

Not all the parks are open because of the COVID-19 restrictions. You need to contact them on the internet or call them to find out which parks are open and which are closed. But enough of them are still open to be worth visiting as long as your family is healthy and physically up to hiking a trail or two in the parks. 

Be sure to practice social distancing even when out in the wild. Give other groups on the trail a wide berth, wear your masks, and wash your hands frequently. 

The most important thing to remember is to keep your phone or camera fully charged. With the wealth of wildlife you’ll probably encounter, you just might get the picture of a lifetime.  

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