How To Dye Your Hair At Home

Tips for Dying Your Hair At Home

It can be expensive to get your hair dyed at a salon. Sometimes you want to mix up your colour without a huge investment, so it can be tempting to try dying your hair at home. There are many great at-home dye brands that you can use, but many people worry about missing spots at home and not getting a good look at the end. This article will give you some top tips, so you enjoy a quality home hair dye.

Get Two Boxes

Always be sure to buy two boxes of hair dye when you colour your hair at home. Running out of dye halfway through could leave you with a half-coloured head of hair. It never hurts to have leftover hair dye for when you touch up your roots.

Don’t Mix Shades

Hair dye companies strongly recommend that you don’t mix colours at home. There is no guarantee that the results of your experiment will even be predictable. You may end up with hair in a strange colour that you don’t like, and you’ll be stuck with it.

Do A Strand Test

Before you start colouring your entire head, make sure you do a small spot test on a small, hidden section of hair. This will let you see how your hair’s new colour looks before committing to the full-colour change.

Dye Dry Hair

When you begin, make sure that your hair is dry. Wet hair won’t absorb the dye as well, so you may end up with a diluted or spotty colouration.

Use Care and Be Patient

You can get a better quality home hair dye experience with these tips. The most important factor to remember is that doing a good job will take patience and a careful hand. Make sure that you take your time and reach all the sections of your hair so that you will be happy with your results.

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