Try White Noise If You Have Trouble Sleeping

Try White Noise If You Have Problems Sleeping

Living in the city means you have to get used to noise all around you at any hour of the day. Some people have no trouble sleeping through the noises of the city. They can simply shut out the din automatically and wake refreshed and ready for the new day. 

Other people are light sleepers who wake up at the slightest noise, even from the deepest sleep. These people often try sleeping pills to get the rest they desperately need. But it’s never a good idea to rely on artificial means every day for such a basic function as sleep. 

White noise has been used for years as a way to mask noise and allow people to sleep like a baby in the middle of the noisiest city. 

What is White Noise?

White noise is defined as a mix of many sound frequencies. This can be explained better by imagining a background noise that slowly makes you feel sleepy. Hours of listening to the engine of a car can bring on this feeling or the background chatter of a crowded airport. 

But the sound that often helps people block out the city’s noise is simply the white noise caused by a fan. If you are having trouble sleeping because of exterior noise, put a fan in your room close to your bed, turn it up to the highest and loudest non-oscillating setting and turn it on so it drowns out most of the outside noise. Another tip you can try is to have it blow toward you so the breeze blows over your ears and helps mask outside noise.

It doesn’t have to drown out all the noise. You’ll soon get used to the noise of the fan, and your brain will automatically start to block out the noise from outside your room. It will enable you to enjoy a soothing and restful sleep.    

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