Reach for More than Just Chips and Sweets

Snack on More than Just Chips and Sweets

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Thailand has a social culture that thoroughly enjoys snacking and trying new types of pretty much anything to munch on. One of the most popular gifts is to bring back a variety of snacks from your vacation in a foreign country and share them with family, friends and colleagues. 

People will logically eat more of a particularly good-tasting snack, and that’s where you should be careful. Some of the best-tasting snacks on the market consist of either salty and savory flavors, or sweets. And consuming a lot of either at one sitting is something you should avoid. 

Beware of Salty, Savory and Sweet Snacks

Salty and savory snacks generally rely on their flavorings as their main selling points. They don’t generally offer anything nutritious. They’re mostly grain or potato based, which only serves as a bulk filler for their flavorings. By making a meal out of these snacks, your body wants to continue eating because it isn’t getting much benefit from what you’ve already consumed. This is how you gain unwanted weight. 

Consuming large quantities of sweet snacks presents a different problem. If you often make a habit of snacking on sweets, you may notice yourself experiencing mood swings throughout the day. You may get cranky, and only a handful of sweets will get you back in a good mood. This is your body getting addicted to the sugar rush provided by sweet snacks. And if you keep feeding this addiction, you’re in danger of developing diabetes. 

With snacking being such a big part of the culture in Thailand, everyone has to keep their health in mind before reaching for a bag of chips or dried mango in chili and sugar. Start monitoring your intake of snacks and cut yourself off after consuming a limited amount of empty-calorie snacks. You can switch to nuts or fresh vegetables if you still want to eat and chat. Your health and your waistline will appreciate it.  

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