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Do you often head to the beach whenever you have free time? Does the thought of fishing along a river bank for hours seem like something completely worthwhile? Is the ocean something you can happily stare at for hours?

There may be a simple explanation for the urge of humans to be attracted to bodies of water. And it doesn’t really matter what kind of water. People who have never seen the ocean are strangely drawn to a river or lake. And those who aren’t near a river become enchanted by a mountain stream. Even being in a room with pictures of water calms people and can elevate their mood. 

Research has shown that being in, around, or near water tends to calm people. The term for this phenomenon is called “blue mind”. It provides a long list of benefits that include lowering our stress and anxiety, providing a meditative-like state, and an overall sense of well-being and happiness. 

From a health standpoint, it also helps lower our blood pressure, heart and breathing rate. Therapists are increasingly turning to the positive effects of water in helping to treat and manage addiction, anxiety disorders, autism, PTSD and more. 

Attraction of Water

Researchers have theorized that the attraction to water may be because water has symbolized life since the beginning of time. Travelers, once they found water, could relax and rest beside the body of water. The ocean represented a reliable food supply, and a river or lake was a source of drinking water. Water represented a fulfillment of their basic needs.

Even the sound of moving water is comforting and relaxing. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety, a walk on the beach or a day along a river can do wonders for your mood as well as your blood pressure.   

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